What is Star Farm traceability system?

Star Farm is Metro's unique traceability system. It can record the whole course of food from field to market and it is the key to food risk management. The traceability system can effectively control the source of the product, increase the transparency of the production process, distinguish the responsibilities of different production sections, control the product flow and realize the recall when food safety accidents happen.

About us:

In 2007, Star Farm was established by METRO, focusing on consulting services of food safety. Star Farm Traceability System adopts international standards of food safety to monitor and records the production of agricultural products. Star Farm Traceability System can retrospectively monitor the complete supply chain, ensure food safety and provide transparent information including six sections: enterprises, products, processing plants, the origin of the product, certificates and logistics throughout the entire process.
Till now there are more than 4,000 kinds of Star Farm traceable products, covering the main categories of agricultural products, including fruits, vegetables, grains, meat, aquatic, poultry and dairy products.
In the future, METRO will continue to expand the Star Farm traceability system to bring more high quality, fresh, delicious, safe, and traceable products to customers.

Star Farm Traceable Product involves 5 categories